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Microsoft Security Essentials

I’ve installed this on some machines that run Windows 7 and for a free software its not that bad for free. It works both as virus and malware protection. It caught 7/10 malware and trojans that i  installed purposley on first install and quarantined it on its automatic first time scan. I think the software itself is user-friendly. Easy to install and bright color alerts for when there are updates ready to install. There are many options to set it to delete file upon being detected or quarantine. Personally i delete it. Make sure you after your scan, to clean out all temp files on your comptuer regulary and empty the trash. Download a free file cleaner utility like CCleaner.

The free MSE download is the basic protection, you can upgrade but for now, using the free one will give you an idea of how it works. Weekly is set but you can change the hour if you don’t want it scanning it the background. You can also lower the CPU usuage during the scan if you do choose an hour where you’ll be online.

I did notice that it is a little bit of a cpu hog if you don’t have enough RAM in your system. Best minimum amount of memory to run is 2gb on a Windows 7 platform. I haven’t tried on WinXP but im thinking that 1gb would be suffice.

I still like AVG 10  but now there is AVG12 out in Beta.  The Premium version has more bells and whistles but the free version still tops many free software lists. I stopped using Avast and Avira but those are others that you can try for free.

MSE is available here for download


Michael Jackon Spam/Malware alert – RIP The King Of Pop

The biggest news last week was most certainly his death, as usual the bad guys were extremely quick to capitalize on this and were sending out spam within hours of the announcement.

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Free antivirus software

Biggest question i get is where can users download a free antivirus that is going to protect them fully from being attacked from trojans, worms and viruses. The answer is yes there is free software out there but No, you won’t be fully protected. If you’re going to take the route of installing a FREE antivirus software then best to have a very good anti-malware program installed on your pc along with it for extra protection. 

AVG is the first one i recommend to any user. Followed by Avast-Antivirus. Both are good free programs that will find the most recent threats. AVG has updates regularly and i’ve had it running on one of my pc’s for about 4 years. So far so good but there have been known trojans that have past the security of AVG. When installing free antivirus – scan and update frequently just to be safe.

If you’re a little iffy on free software and would like to purchase a Full version of antivirus software, then here are some trial links you can use.