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How To Open a .DOCX file in Office 2003

Many users still use Office suite 2003 and have yet to venture into the newer version Office 2007. If you receive a file from a user that does have Word or Excel 2007, you will not be able to open it without installing the compatibility pack. Its a quick download and this will enable you to open any .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files.

Download Compatibility pack

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Adding Hotmail to your Outlook Express

Combining your Hotmail to your Outlook Express is  a more useful way to manage your email accounts. Many users have a primary account with their ISP’s, and also have other internet email accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. This tutorial uses Hotmail as an example, but you can replace it with the email provider you are using. 

Open Outlook Express – Go to Tools – Accounts



Click the Add button and choose Mail. The first field is the Display Name: type in it your name, exactly as you would like it to appear to recipients when you send emails from Outlook Express. Next enter your Hotmail address.  Click Next.




Make sure “my icoming mail server is ” Http. Below the next choice – choose Hotmail. 

You will notice that changing from Hotmail to MSN in the mail server dropdown menu automatically changes your email account configuration in Outlook Express.

Click Next. 



In the Account Name field,  add your email address once again. By default, Outlook Express will use your Hotmail email address; choose an appropriate account name, “Hotmail” for example.

Add your Password in the next field. Then make sure your place a check mark in the box “Remember password”

Click next. 


You might see another box come up and ask for a password verification. Just add your password again in the box and click Ok. 

You should be finished the setup.  As soon as you have completed your Hotmail account setup, Outlook Express will attempt to connect to Hotmail to download your emails and folders.  Click Yes to load your Hotmail account’s emails and folders in Outlook Express



Hotmail is now a part of Outlook Express. You will find your Hotmail account and its folders listed under Outlook Express, at the same level as Local Folders.

This feature now enables you to check multiple email accounts at one time. Keep in mind, downloading emails might be slower, as there will be a surplus of emails coming in. 



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Recalling an Outlook email message

Here’s a simple way to retract an email message that is sent prematurely. This option works only if you and the user your are sending your email to, both use the same version of micrsoft outlook. If you’re using Office 2003 and the other user has Office 2007, then the recall won’t work.  Also if you’re using this at the workplace, keep in mind that some servers won’t support this feature or might store a copy of the email anyway along with the recall action. Depending on your company’s security policies,  if you use this feature when writing to a coworker on the same company network – then the chances of it working are greater.  Many times user recall their emails because of missed errors or forgetting to add a word or sentence.  Or simply because they no longer wanted to send it. Here’s a way to do that if ever you’re in that pickle:

From Outlook  open the Sent Items folder.

Double-click the e-mail you wish to recall, a new window will open.

Select ActionsRecall this message.

You can recall it only by  delete unread copies of the e-mail, or if you want to replace it then choose delete unread copies of the e-mail replacing it with a new message

Check or uncheck Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient as desired.

Click OK.

If you choose to replace the e-mail, enter in your new message and then click send when ready.

Tips to avoid spam

Here are some tips to avoid being spammed!

McAfee Tips to avoid spam

Saving your email

Many home users like to use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express as their main email software. The beauty about having your email with Hotmail or Gmail, is that you can access your email from any computer and don’t have to worry about losing emails. With Outlook though, there is an easy way to backup your emails just in case something would happen to your PC. Always good to make the backup on cd or USB stick.

There is a advanced way to by using the Outlook express wizard to import & export your files. That intruction can be seen here:

Shown in this post is the manual way to backup your email files and address book. First thing to do is click on My Computer – Go to Folder Options – choose the View Tab. Scroll down and make sure that “Show Hidden files” has been checked.


Outlook Express

Then next step – go to your C: Drive – C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Identities\ or

C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express\

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express\

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\

Copy and Paste those files in those folders to a USb stick/external hard drive/ or cd.  Depending on the frequence and size of your email, scheduled backups will vary for each user. 

Micrsoft Outlook

Advanced way:

Manual – Go to your c: drive and look for C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.pst