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Best Holiday apps

Here’s a webpage i fell upon during my  xmas vacation. Some fun apps to keep your mind busy while you relax during the holidays.

Happy New Year!


Nintendo Wii U


I haven’t bought or tried this system yet, but it looks very innovative and although it lacks improved games, they shine with a diverse console. Here’s a great review followed by a link on the best reviewed games for the Wii U.

Wii U Review:

Games Review:


Video on Facebook privacy

I thought this was interesting. Its a short clip on about how users are still ignoring the privacy dangers of FaceBook.

Top 10 Strangest Mario Bros. spin-offs!

Top 10 Strangest Mario Bros. Spin-offs

daft punk video

Here’s a clip of Daft punk’s concert last year that i assissted. It was awesome! I hope to see them again real soon!

Play some classic Commodore games

Play vintage C64 games here to relive old gaming experiences or get acquainted with games that were available for the most popular home computer of all time.

Click here to go to website

Video with Leo Laporte

Wouldn’t call this lady crazy, but maybe just paranoid.  Here’s a radio call Leo Laporte received from a woman that went through 14 computers because she thought she was being hacked.