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Fun look back at the past 10 years

Fun little article of the internet today 2012 and a decade ago.


Google cancels IGoogle November 2013

Pretty disappointed when i read this headline. I actually enjoy my IGoogle feature and although i can use other ways to read my favorite web feeds, i still thought IGoogle was a faster and easy way to access everything at once. GMail, Calendar, news, stock reports, comics, games. At some points i had endless amounts of gadgets because i kept adding so many. IGoogle will be turned off in November 2013. Google Inc. disclosed its plans this week. It’s being swept out as a housecleaning that has seen Google remove more than 30 products or services since co-founder Larry Page became CEO 15 months ago. He states in an interview, “With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time, so we’ll be winding down iGoogle on November 1, 2013, giving you a full 16 months to adjust or easily export your iGoogle data.”

There might be an extension with Google Chrome that might enable to have some form of igoogle on your browser. Or there’s always replacements on the web which many are 3rd partys. Netvibes is an option but there are some limitations with the gmail gadget. You can download some software to place on your desktop so once you’re connected its directly on your computer. I’m sure by late 2013 we’ll have a new product solution by Google or there will be another software that will mimick the same function. So at least for now, enjoy your IGoogle.

Boost Your WiFi Signal Using Only a Beer Can

Stumbled upon this article – thought it was interesting.

By Jerry James Stone
Wed Sep 7, 2011 06:21 PM ET


Is Cloud Computing the way to go?

In this post we look at if its more beneficial to save your docs in the cloud as opposed to your local or external drive.

Here are the Pros of the Cloud computing:

You can access your photos or documents from virtually any Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.    

These files are stored offsite — available via a password-protected website in cyberspace — they’re also protected from computer theft and physical damage such as fire, flood, power surge or a nasty virus.

With cloud computing, people can work together on projects in real-time, even though they’re in different geographic locations.

Cloud computing can also reduce congestion in someone’s inbox. Rather than trying to email a number of photos or videos to family members or friends, you can simply store them in the cloud and send a link.

Here are the not-so-good things:

Cloud computing is online-only, so if you don’t have an Internet connection (or if it goes down), you will be without your data. It requires you to have an “always on” connection.•

Your information is still stored on computer servers — just not yours — so there’s always a risk of data theft, viruses or glitches. Plus, your computer or device might have links directly to your cloud service. For example, services such as Dropbox show up as just another folder that appears to be stored locally. Anyone who has your computer or device can simply click on the Dropbox folder or icon and access everything you’ve stored on Dropbox’s servers if you haven’t password-protected that folder.

In short, cloud computing is safer in some ways and less safe in others. Don’t trust the cloud with your only copy of priceless photos, and don’t store copies of highly confidential documents there, either.

some parts of this article were taken from: By Marc Saltzman | The Right Click – Wed, 15 Feb, 2012

Google Update No Longer Runs in Background

Good news for users of Google Chrome, Picasa, and other Google desktop apps on Windows systems.

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New internet addiction

Have you heard about Twitter? Its making its rounds on television shows across the US, and many celebrities have been “tweeting” to promote their projects and upcoming events. Its basically a networking site that posts your current status. You can update it as much as you like and it will blast the status to all your followers. Facebook has the same function but Twitter is simply used for that. It also gives you a kinda feel that you’re blogging your thoughts, as followers can reply to your status. Its is the current fad for internet users and you can conveniently add Twitter to your phone as well to keep up to date with your tweets! 

Follow me on Twitter

Fairly addictive at the beginning, but like Facebook it loses its flare after a while. To try it click here to visit the site – Twitter  


Releasing and renewing your IP address

Somtimes upon starting your computer, you notice your internet connection is not working.  You do all the normal troubleshooting. (resetting your modem/router – checking your password – making sure your cable is connected, etc.) You then try to ping your IP using the command prompt, but you still don’t receive any emails or can surf the web. 

This could be a DNS issue which can be resolved by resetting your IP address. Here are some steps on how to go about it:

Vista/Windows XP 

**  for instructions on how to show the run command in your vista start menu, click this link **

Click Start.
Click Run.

type  cmd

Click OK. You should see a window come up.
Type   ipconfig /release 



ipconfig /renew


Now click on your browser and check if your internet is functional. If the system returns the message, no such command or displays Help text, the command was probably typed incorrectly.

If the system returns the message IP configuration and no further information, make sure your Internet Protocol Properties (TCP/IP) in Network Configurations are set as:

Obtain an IP address automatically


Click on the Network Control Panel from within System Preferences.

Click tcp/ip

Click the “Renew My DHCP Lease” button.

Your computer will release and renew its IP address immediately.