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Dell introduces $349 Inspiron 11 touchscreen laptop

Dell has introduced an 11.6-inch Inspiron 11 touchscreen laptop starting at US$349 as the company reshapes its consumer laptop lineup with a new naming scheme and models.

The model starting at $349 is with processors from Advanced Micro Devices, whose chips are back in Dell laptops after a long break. The Inspiron 11 with Intel processors code-named Haswell starts at $379.

The laptop will run for eight hours on a single battery charge. It’ll also have Windows 8.1 and a version of Microsoft Office. Dell is not offering the option of Windows 7 with Inspiron 11.

With Inspiron 11, buyers can get a touchscreen ultraportable with a powerful processor at a low price, said Jonathan Guttell, director of global consumer messaging at Dell.

Inspiron laptops currently have screens of 13.3 inches and larger. The budget Inspiron 14R, 14, 15 and 15R models were inexpensive, but bulkier. Touch laptops from PC makers also are largely priced at more than $500.

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Protecting your Laptop

Protecting your Laptop

By Lincoln Spector, PCWorld

There are several issues here. You want to prevent thieves from stealing your laptop. But if it’s stolen despite your best measures, you still want to protect the data–both in the sense that you don’t want to lose it and you don’t want the thieves to access confidential information. Finally, you want to increase the odds of getting it back.Let’s start with preventing the theft in the first place:

When traveling, keep the laptop in a case that protects it physically but doesn’t look like a laptop case . A backpack should do the trick, but some type of bag I haven’t mentioned in PC World would probably be better.

Keep it either in your line of sight or in physical contact at all times. Put it in your lap or between your legs when sitting down and not using it.

When you’re at home, secure it with a lock and cable. Most laptops have a security slot that a specially-made lock can clamp onto, and those

locks come attached to cables you can put around tables and other unmovable objects. Both Kensington and offer selections of cables and locks for most standard laptops. For Mac users, Maclocks, the premier brand of Apple security and display accessories, introduced its latest product- The New MacBook Pro Lock (Retina lock) and Security Case bundle, being the first company to develop & sell a complete security solution for Apple’s new MBP.

When you’re staying at a hotel, bring the laptop with you wherever you go. Or, if there’s a safe in your room, put it in there. If neither of these solutions work, bring it to the front desk and ask if it can be put in the hotel’s safe. And if that’s not an option, use the lock and cable.

Protecting What’s On It
Even the most carefully-protected laptop may be stolen, so you need to protect your data. Most of your files will be of little use to criminals, but if there’s something you’d rather they not get a hold of (bank statements, corporate secrets, letters of transit), encrypt it.

You may not want to give criminals access to your data, but neither do you want to lose it yourself. Keep an up-to-date backup–and a backup to your internal hard drive doesn’t count. If you backup to an external hard drive, don’t pack that drive in the same bag as your laptop. In fact, when you’re on the road, leave the backup drive at home, and carry copies of the files you’ll need on this trip on a flash drive that you carry with you.

Or backup online with a service like Mozy.

If your laptop is stolen, there’s a good chance you’ll never see it again. But writing down your model and serial numbers (they’re probably on a plate or sticker on the bottom of the notebook) increases the odds that you will. Both Absolute Software and Tometa Software offer software/service combinations that may increase the odds even more. The hidden software they install onto your PC will report the laptop’s physical location (or at least its IP address) when the laptop accesses the Internet. This information can help you track down your stolen computer.

Flipped screen

Has this ever happened to you on your laptop?

Using your Ctrl key and the up and down arrows on the your keypad should regulate your problem. Give it a couple of seconds for your screen to refresh.  For some laptops try ctrl-alt and the arrow keys.

Acer Inspire One on sale

This Acer netbook is pretty handy and great for users who are looking for a small way to surf the net and check their email. Bigger than a blackberry – smaller than a notebook laptop. The Acer Inspire 1 comes with usb ports, media card reader, 120 gig hdd 1gig ram memory. Most come with Linux installed or WinXP home. The one featured  below comes with XP home. Only negative  is that it doens’t come with a cd drive. So if you plan on installing programs from a cd or pics/music/videos from a cd, then best to add an USB external cd drive to your purchases. Check on ebay for some better deals. 

If you don’t want to spend too much money and would like to get started with a netbook, then maybe take a look at this site – Tiger Direct – Acer on sale – refurbished

Its also good for kids who are just starting to use a computer. Its light and pretty sturdy. The keyboard is smaller, so adult fingers will have a longer time adjusting. Also the trackpad was a little tricky for me. I’m accustomed to having my click button on the bottom of the pad, the Acer has them on the side.  My experience so far with it has been pretty good. Its handy when i’m on the go – although it does get pretty hot on your lap if its there too long – so for kids, have them use it on a desk or table. 

Overall: 7.5 out of 10

The laptop for your price range

In case you’re in the market for a laptop, decide on how much you want to spend and what your needs are. If you’re looking for something for the home to surf the net or and check email – consider a model in the 599-899 range. If the laptop is for your child under 14 – i would go with a cheaper model, cuz of the potential quick wear and tear of the laptop while under child care. A laptop for a teen – you can then trust them to be more careful and go in the 599-899 range. If its for yourself – then you deserve to spoil yourself a little and look at the higer end laptops. 

Remember to look into getting a longer term warranty when purchasing any laptop.

$399-599 Range

AcerAspire 8.9″ Laptop featuring Intel Atom Processor   acer3993




dell-mini-inspironDell Inspiron Mini




$599-899 range



Sony 16.4″ VAIO Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo T5800 2GHz Laptop






Compaq 15.4″ AMD Athlon X2 QL-60 Dual-Core 1.90GHz Laptop





Toshiba Satellite 15.4″ Laptop featuring Intel Pentium Dual-Core T3400




$899 and up range







  Macbook Air




Dell XPS M1730




  Sony VAIO 16.4″ Laptop featuring Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5800 




Laptop or Desktop?

Nowadays lots of people are ditching the old desktop and buying a laptop.  In terms of price, laptops are considerable more expensive than desktops. 

I use my desktop at home and work, and my laptop when I’m on the go. The desktop is more comfortable.  The keyboard is well positioned for my wrists and the screen is at eye level.  Price is also a factor with more and more desktops along with their screens are going for under $500. With a desktop, you also don’t have to worry about bumps and scratches compared to the laptop that can get abused if not careful. 

The flexibilty of a laptop is pretty much the deciding factor.  With many establishments adding Wifi to their environment, laptops now are not only restricted to a home or an office. People are able to surf the internet nowadays while sitting in the park or waiting for a bus. Space is also the biggest sell. Don’t need much room for the laptop as it can sit on any flat surface.  Because of their smaller size, repairs and upgrades will also be more expensive as the labor is more tideous. Also theft is important and all laptop owners should have a lock.

 I actually know quite of few laptop users that keep their laptop docked on a desk all the time. Not a great idea, as you’ll never give a chance for your battery to discharge. Keeping it powered all the time, will shortened the life of the battery. 

So basically the choice of a laptop or desktop really depends on your status – if you’re an adult with a professional lifestyle – then the laptop would be ideal. If you have a family with children then i would go with a desktop. Again everyone’s needs are different, There is no one right answer. However, weigh the pros and cons that should help you come to a solid decision.