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6 things Mac users need to know about Win 10

Apple is busy putting the finishing touches on its next operating system, but Microsoft gave the world an early look at the next version of Windows today that is set to run on everything from smartphones to PCs.

Microsoft says its next version of Windows will be the most comprehensive platform ever, and while the company is retreating from the disaster that was Windows 8, it’s bringing back some classic features and stealing a few things from the Mac too.



How to help parents with child internet safety

With the internet becoming a normal part of the life  of a child as there are literally born with a cell phone in their face from day 1, we need to learn how to protect and teach them about their digital life.

This ebook has a guideline for parents of children from ages 3-16. It entails ways to protect and talk to your child about the dangers of the internet and the responsibility they have when using the internet as they grow up.  It includes many great links to softwares about web filtering and monitoring your home, social media sites with most activity, and advice/tips on how to talk to your kids about certain areas of online content.

Turning off your Mac chime at startup

Usually, you don’t pay a moment’s notice to the harmonic chime that plays when you boot up you Mac. It’s there for a reason, to let you know all is right with your beloved computer. But there are times when you would really like to be able to silence it. Well, believe it or not, there’s more than one way to silence a chime.


This is the easiest way to silence the startup chime. All you need to do is mute your Mac. Just press the F10 key on your keyboard and the next time your Mac boots up, or reboots, it will remember that it was muted, and won’t play the chime.

The only drawback about this solution is that you have to remember to mute you Mac before rebooting.


You can completely disable the chime, there is a command line you can enter while in Terminal that will silence the chime until you turn it back on again.

Just open up the Terminal application, you can find it in “Applications” -> “Terminal,” and enter the following on the command line:

sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume=%80

You’ll need to enter the Administrator password when you enter this command.

If you decide you’d like to reenable the system chime, simply enter the following on the command line:

sudo nvram -d SystemAudioVolume

Again, you’ll need to enter the Administrator password to execute this command.


If you don’t want to have to remember to mute your Mac via the keyboard approach, and you don’t feel comfortable entering command into the Terminal app, there’s another way. Luckily, some very nice programmers have created free apps that mute your Mac.

One such free app is called, StartNinja. This app works on OS X Lion and higher, and lets you toggle the startup chime ON and OFF as needed.

StartNinja can be downloaded from the StartNinja download page. [DIRECT LINK]

If you need to mute your Mac’s startup chime, any of the three methods above should do the job for you.

Thanks to OS X Daily for the original tip.


How to downgrade from Java 7 to Java 6 on Mac OS X

Since the latest update from Java to java 7 upate 21 – its been causing some misery for Mac users. I searched around for a workaround or solution but was able to find this handy video tutorial along with a link to copy a script you’ll need to insert into Terminal.


Apple blocks ad-injecting Mac trojan

A day after Russian anti-virus firm Doctor Web highlighted an adware Mac trojan called “Yontoo,” Apple has moved to block it. Confirmed by Intego, Apple has updated the definitions included in OS X’s Xprotect.plist in order to detect the adware, meaning users don’t need to run anything special in order to be protected.

Apple’s new Smart shoes


Apple’s “smart shoes” notify users when they need replacing

LifeTopix for Ipad & Iphone

Everything is in one place with Life­Topix™ – a complete app for superior productivity and personal organization. Whether you are a parent, professional, or a productivity hero, it is simple enough for your daily lists, notes, tasks, and more — and powerful enough for your most challenging home and work projects.