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6 things Mac users need to know about Win 10

Apple is busy putting the finishing touches on its next operating system, but Microsoft gave the world an early look at the next version of Windows today that is set to run on everything from smartphones to PCs.

Microsoft says its next version of Windows will be the most comprehensive platform ever, and while the company is retreating from the disaster that was Windows 8, it’s bringing back some classic features and stealing a few things from the Mac too.



Add Microsoft to list of hacked companies

Undisclosed number of computers are found with malware, but the company says no customer data has been compromised.

by Charles Cooper

 February 22, 2013 4:09 PM PST

Microsoft Office 2013

Office 2013 will only be available by March of 2013 for full release. With many business and personal users starting to use Cloud services to store data, MO2013 now allows online collaboration and document storage. This is connected with the 365 online package that will come out later in the year. Office 365 is constantly updated, and it lets you run Office away from your main PC via an Office on Demand virtualization tool.  It costs $220 for Home & Business edition which adds Outlook, and the $400 Office 2013 Professional package has Publisher and Access. Not only are those prices a bit higher than for comparable versions of Office 2010, but they also cover just one installation.

One of Word’s most visible changes is a new “Read Mode”  that dispenses with the ribbon toolbar and lets you see documents as though they appeared within a printed book. In this mode, you can’t edit, but you do have access to find and search tools, so you can perform lookups related to highlighted content. Word also automatically bookmarks the page you were last on when you closed a document, and lets you return to that page when you reopen it. pcw_office2013_2_primary-100016069-large

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint no longer show a blank page at launch. Instead, a landing screen presents templates and other options for creating or reopening a document—that’s basically the screen you used to get when you wanted to open an existing document or create a new one from a template.A negative is that the license for the software can only be installed for one machine. There are alternatives but for now it locks  one pc at a time.

Microsoft Surface Pro vs Surface RT comparison review

Microsoft’s Surface is its own-brand tablet, but there are two models, the Surface RT and Surface Pro. So what are the differences between the two and which one is the right one for you?

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