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NSA has cracked mobile phones encryption to listen in on calls


LifeTopix for Ipad & Iphone

Everything is in one place with Life­Topix™ – a complete app for superior productivity and personal organization. Whether you are a parent, professional, or a productivity hero, it is simple enough for your daily lists, notes, tasks, and more — and powerful enough for your most challenging home and work projects.


Using FaceTime

Which Apple products support FaceTime?

To use FaceTime, you need one of the following Apple products:

  • iPhone 4 or later
  • iPad 2 or later
  • iPod touch (4th generation)
  • Mac with Mac OS X v10.6.6 or later

FaceTime is included with OS X Lion. Mac OS X v10.6 users can download FaceTime from the Mac App Store.

What information do I need to call someone using FaceTime?

To call someone using FaceTime, you need their phone number or email address. Which one you use is determined by the device you are calling:

  • When calling someone using an iPhone 4 or later: Try the phone number of the person you are calling first. If the person has registered an email with FaceTime, you can use that as well.
  • When calling someone using an iPad 2 or later, iPod touch (4th generation), or FaceTime for Mac: Use the email address designated for FaceTime of the person you are calling.

On iPad, iPod touch, and FaceTime for Mac, you need to add a person as a contact using the FaceTime or Contacts app before you can call them.

How do I make a FaceTime call?

You can make a FaceTime call in multiple ways, depending on your device:

iPhone 4 or later: You can place a FaceTime call using the following apps:

  • Phone: While on a phone call, you can tap the FaceTime icon to invite the other party to a FaceTime call.
  • Contacts: Tap the FaceTime icon to place a FaceTime call to the contact you are viewing.

iPad 2 or later, iPod touch (4th generation), and FaceTime for Mac: You can place a FaceTime call using the following apps:

  • FaceTime: Place a FaceTime call using your contacts list.
  • Contacts: Tap the FaceTime icon to place a FaceTime call to the contact you are viewing.

Note: There is no FaceTime app on iPhone. Use the Phone app instead.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Windows 8 tablet
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge)
  • Weight: 903 grams
  • Thickness: 13.5 millimeters
  • Display: 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD (1080p) capacitive touchpanel
  • Battery: 42Wh
  • I/O: microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, 2×2 MIMO antennae
  • Software: Windows 8 Pro
  • Accessories: Touch Cover, Type Cover, VaporMg Case & Stand, Pen with Palm Block
  • Capacity: 64GB / 128GB
  • Availability: “Three months after” the Windows 8 launch this fall
  • Pricing: To be determined

Microsoft didn’t just announce one Surface tablet today — it’s announced one for each of the main varieties of Windows. That includes the Surface for Windows 8 Pro, which is slightly larger and decidedly more Intel-based than its ARM-fueled counterpart for Windows RT. In addition to the more full-fledged OS, it packs a larger 42 W-h battery, an Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor (at least in the model on display today), USB 3.0 ports instead of 2.0, and your choice of 64GB or 128GB of storage (double the standard offerings of the RT Surface). You’ll also get a higher 1080p resolution from the 10.6-inch ClearType display, but it comes wrapped in a package that’s 13.5 mm thick and weighs 903 grams (compared to just 9.3 mm and 676 grams for the RT). That’s apparently not big enough to disqualify it from Microsoft’s new keyboard-laden covers, though, and it even gets another accessory of its own: a pen with “Palm Block.” As for pricing and availability, Microsoft is only going as far to say that it will be “on par with Ultrabook-class PCs” and available about three months after the Windows 8 launch (when the RT model will be available).


Source: Microsoft

Security Apps for your Android phone

I got the Samsung Galaxy a while back and wondered how i would protect my new Android device from malware. I heard that Android did have vulnerabilities and that its very important taht your protect your Smartphone like you protect your computer or laptop.

Here are 3 free security apps that you can download and try. If you like them and feel comfortable with the app – you can upgrade to the Premium verson.

Security Apps for your Android phone

What Kind of Apps Do Windows Phone Users Download?

Fun article for those that are owners of a Windows Phone on

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Photo app for your IPad

Photogene for iPad