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Missing config file

Ever boot up your computer and get this error?


Through the years my most successful way to fight this error and be able to get back into windows is to do these next 3 steps. The first step is getting into the Repair screen using the  Windows CD. Once you’re able to boot into the repair screen (if you need help booting with your cd – check my earlier posts). The first command you would like to excute would be the checkdisk.

At the c: prompt  type – chkdsk /r /p – click enter.  Let that run for a while – could take up to 2 hours. Once thats finished then go back to the c: prompt and type fixboot it will ask you are you sure and type Y.  Then again at the c: prompt type  fixmbr –  after it asks you are you sure you want to create a new master boot record you type Y.   type exit and restart your computer.

Hopefully that will solve the issue and bring you back to your desktop.


Clearing your Print spool

The print spooler loads the documents you going to print in its memory. Sometimes when you send a print job, the printer wont’ respond and your documents are left in your print queue. You can’t delete them and they stay in there prohibiting other jobs to go threw.  A quick way to restart your print spooler and unblock pending jobs is through the services window.  



In Windows – click Start – Run – and type services.msc in the box.  Click ok.  The services window opens.

Scroll down to Printer Spooler. Right click the entry – choose Stop. This will stop the process that holds your print queues.

Then right click again and choose Start. This will now restart your queue.  Now try printing again. 




For Mac – Open system preferences – choose Print/fax.

Older versions of mac os have printers in the utilities folder.

Choose your printer and control click – click on Reset printing system.  Click ok after it asks are you sure.

Unmountable Boot Volume

On your pc or laptop – upon booting into Windows you recieve the “umountable boot volume” error. Sometimes, in a positive scenario,  it might be that you need to repair your boot.ini file which can be done with your Xp/Vista repair cd. Or it might be a bad scenario, where your hard drive might be dead and no longer accessible. There are ways to retrieve your data but always best to have a backup in case there is zero chance saving your drive. 

Here’s a way to repair the boot.ini file:

Boot from your Xp cd and when you see the Welcome to setup press the letter R for Repair. You will see a Black screen with c:/ – command prompt.

Type “chkdsk  /p /r ” without the quotes and hit enter.    Then type  “fixboot” and hit enter.  Answer yes with ” y ”  and enter again. Then type “exit” click enter.

Hopefully your system will reboot and load Windows. If you recieve the error again, then best to check your connections in your computer and make sure your Bios detects your hard drive. Could be a loose cable, but if that fails then you’ll need to replace your drive.   

Flipped screen

Has this ever happened to you on your laptop?

Using your Ctrl key and the up and down arrows on the your keypad should regulate your problem. Give it a couple of seconds for your screen to refresh.  For some laptops try ctrl-alt and the arrow keys.

Update your Adobe software

According to some virus information centers such as Trend Micro and Symantec, there is a vulnerabilty in some versions of Adobe acrobat and adobe reader.  The related malware that is causing the software to crash is called  TROJ_PIDIEF.IN. According to Trend Micro, it exploits a vulnerability in a non-JavaScript function call. 

Currenty, no patch exists for this vulnerability. One is expected to be released by March 11, 2009. Patches for earlier versions will then follow. For the time being, if you encounter this problem with your Adobe software; here is a workaround posted from Adobe.

Adobe Acrobat and Reader Vulnerability

Computer won’t stop rebooting

Sometimes due to a hardware or software failure, your computer might fail to start and fall into a rebooting loop causing either a blue screen to appear or just a command screen with  options for you to choose. Most of the time, you can use your Windows cd and run a repair but sometimes you’ll need to replace a hardware component. Here’s a way to view the error and run a repair. 

First start your computer and click on F8 after the a couple of seconds.  You should see this screen: 


Choose Disable automatic restart on system failure

This way we’ll be able to see if an error exists. Most of the time the errors aren’t very clear and obvious, so best to write down the numbers or words and google the error. If you’re still somewhat confused – then best to go with the next option as to using your Winxp or Vista cd and run a repair. 

Sadly, if you dont’ have a back up of your data – you do risk the chance of losing some files. The repair option sometimes re-installs the Windows files and overities the documents and settings which might contain most of your files and folders. If you have a partitioned drive where your C is only Windows files – then you’ll have a better chance at a successful repair. 

To run the repair – follow these steps: 

Insert your XP cd  – Make sure your BIOS is set to boot with cd. Click enter to enter setup. 

Next you’ll see this screen:


Choose Enter. Do not choose R to repair.  After that click F8 to agree.  Next will come the repair screen you’ll want to choose. Should look like this:


Now click R. Let the repair run. It might repair your errors and then let your reboot or it might continue and run a full installation. If thats the case, you’ll need to have your product key handy.