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Apple blocks ad-injecting Mac trojan

A day after Russian anti-virus firm Doctor Web highlighted an adware Mac trojan called “Yontoo,” Apple has moved to block it. Confirmed by Intego, Apple has updated the definitions included in OS X’s Xprotect.plist in order to detect the adware, meaning users don’t need to run anything special in order to be protected.


Hacking attacks on printers still not being taken seriously

Sometimes it’s hard to resist the promises made by the all-singing, all-dancing computer printers that line the shelves of stores of computer retailers. Yet perhaps we should resist, as it looks as if there may be a dark side to the printer revolution that few people are aware of; a dark side that threatens to turn the saviours of print into the spies within. Researchers are increasingly concerned by the possibility of direct attacks on the printers themselves – and have since the game changed in November 2011. Now, research to be published by a Finnish security company in the next week suggests printers are vulnerable to attack.

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Security Apps for your Android phone

I got the Samsung Galaxy a while back and wondered how i would protect my new Android device from malware. I heard that Android did have vulnerabilities and that its very important taht your protect your Smartphone like you protect your computer or laptop.

Here are 3 free security apps that you can download and try. If you like them and feel comfortable with the app – you can upgrade to the Premium verson.

Security Apps for your Android phone

Flame virus

Here’s an article on the most complex computer bug ever discovered.

Flame Virus

Tips to avoid spam

Here are some tips to avoid being spammed!

McAfee Tips to avoid spam

Download security patch for Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft issued an emergency patch to plug a critical hole in Internet Explorer (IE) that attackers have been increasingly exploiting from hacked Web sites.

The patch, described in Microsoft’s security bulletin MS08-078, fixes a flaw in the data-binding function of all available versions of the popular browser, including IE5.01, IE6, IE7 and IE8 Beta 2.

Malware/Spyware programs

I’m sure all you have encountered some spyware trouble in recent times. I found some free programs that i use to successfully remove most malware out there. Its always best to download and use 2 or 3 of these softwares because not all will remove certain types of spyware. Here are some of them i’ve tried with their pros & cons. You can click on them to download.


  • Most popular program that users download, pretty efficient – will find most malwares.
  • Both fast & full scans are quick, interface is simple and user friendly.
  • Pro Version is $26 and protects against any incoming attempts of malware, schedule scans. Includes antivirus protection.
  • It is a little annoying with its pop-up warnings. Also the allow/block a specific program feature is a nuisance. These are found in the Pro version.


  • Frequent updates, doesn’t hog up to much resources while you scan. Fast scans.
  • Very user friendly, known to remove a variety of Zlob trojans and Vundo infections.
  • Free version works well but Full version has many features includeing real-time protection, registry protection, autoscanning and a internet repair utility. Price $29.95
  • Doesn’t remove all malware, no protection against keyloggers. Most of the time it needs a reboot to remove infected files.


  • Frequent updates, user friendly , good detection rates, multiple drive scans.
  • Known for removing rogues and the popular Anti-Virus 2008/2009 XP malware programs
  • Can also detect rootkits, worms, trojans, viruses.
  • Full version is $24.95 which is a one time fee and will give you real-time protection.
  • Only con had some issues repairing certain registry keys.

SpySweeper 6.0

  • Great program, offers 3 types of scans, fast scanning,
  • Has fifteen shields, which include shields that protect from tracking cookies, explorer hijacks, keyloggers, and ad sites.
  • Easy to use and doens’t use up many resources while scanning.
  • Pro Version is $29.95 for the year and has many useful utilites to protect your system.
  • Cons – trial version will only scan and show you the spyware it has found. It will not remove any of it unless you buy it. Not recommended on computers with 256mb ram or less.

Spybot Search & Destroy

  • One of the first programs i’ve used. Been around a while. I like it and continue to use it along with other programs. Users can immunize their PCs to prevent spyware infestations from happening.
  • Interface is easy to use, offers great security protection, updated frequently and large database of spyware definaitions.
  • This program is Free with no pro version.
  • Scans can take a while and some spyware programs continue to slip through Spybot’s defenses.

Spyware Doctor

  • Easy and nice to look at interface, scans frequently and catchs most spyware. It will also immunize threats that can’t be removed.
  • Has many features, boasts one of the largest spyware databases, real-time and homepage pretection. With the registered version – comes with Hacker defense and popup blocker.
  • Pro version is $29.95 which includes backup/restore, site and behavorial guards.
  • Cons – might get annoying when security pop ups come up. Known to freeze during scans and the online tech support is bad.